Expect to leave your first session feeling muscles and parts of your body that you have never felt before.  Expect to connect with your breath in new ways, breathing more deeply and calmly.      
Expect to have more mobility and feel taller because you are in better physical alignment.                 
Expect to feel stronger and empowered from your core outwards.         
Expect to feel younger physically, stronger emotionally and lighter energetically.         Expect to leave each Pilates class with a smile, feeling like you can take on whatever the day holds!  

Introduction to Pilates on the Reformer. Each new client needs to attend three private sessions with one of our three amazing instructors. In these three classes, we will introduce our clients to the equipment as well as familiarize them with the Essential repertoire exercises. This assures a comfortable and smooth entry into a regular class of the client's choosing. Please contact Alysha at 250-667-2140 for availability Essential Foundation Class Is for clients who have completed the Intro to Pilates on the Reformer Session. A strong foundation on the reformer is key for the best success in your practice. This class is designed to familiarize our clients with the beginner exercises and mechanics of the Reformer. These focused exercises will leave you feeling energized and taller after each class
Essential Flow Class  Is for clients who want to kick up the pace and experience more flow and athletic conditioning while staying within the essential principals. This class offers a new and different way to experience the essential principals which can aid in deepening your understanding of how your body is designed to move on the reformer. This class has a quicker pace than the Essential Foundation class, so we ask that clients join the class only once they are comfortable adjusting springs, foot bar and straps independently.   
Athletic Reformer FlowThis reformer workout, taught by Kerry uses more weight, more reps and of course, those killer pulses she loves so much! If you are looking for a challenging workout on the reformer to build muscle, and stamina and feel the burn... this is the class for you!
Intermediate Foundation Class Is for clients who have a solid understanding of the essential exercises and are ready to dive deeper into their pilates practice on the reformer. The intermediate exercises in this class focus on furthering precision, control and strength beyond that which was learned in the essential classes. Our clients will be challenged to connect with their bodies in a more dynamic way and, once again, deepen their understanding of their body and how it is designed to move on the reformer and in life.  
Intermediate Flow Class Is for clients with a good understanding of the intermediate repertoire and who understand the mechanics of pilates and their body. This class is quick, and fun and offers new variations on classical exercises designed to challenge you and build strength.  
Discovering the Joy of Mobility While Navigating Limited Flexibility, Mild Chronic Pain and/or Old InjuriesThis class is for clients who suffer from limited flexibility, mild chronic pain and old injuries that don't seem to ever get better. If you want to develop more mobility, and flexibility and relieve nagging aches and pains that have developed over the years, then this class is for you! 
BarreGet ready to sculpt, strengthen and transform your entire body in our fun and energizing Barre class! Barre is an upbeat and challenging ballet-inspired workout, designed to condition your body for lasting results. Class sequences will combine big movements with small fiery pulses and static holds that will put your physical and mental strength to the test! The perfect complement to your Pilates practice, each 50-minute class will leave you feeling invigorated, strong and confident in your body



PRIVATE 1:1$100
SEMI PRIVATE 2:1 $140 (for 2 people)